Hai, I am

Kashyap Pradeep

I'm a Brand Strategist with a knack for boosting brand identity and driving sales. I specialize in Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and I've led a team of 30 people with creative strategies to make brands more visible and successful.

In the past six years, I've designed eye-catching ads and optimized campaigns for various industries, even challenging ones like livestock farming. Recently, I oversaw the creation of Bananads in Dubai, UAE, a marketing sub-company that handles digital marketing for 10 in-house companies. I helped set up the business, hire staff, and create processes to manage social media & Marketing for all 10 companies.

Within six months, Bananads started generating good leads for these in-house companies.

I'm best known for creating videos that attract customers through ads and spontaneous ideas. I'm not just an office person working 9 to 5; I'm constantly thinking about how to elevate new industry companies because this is my passion. I mix creativity with strategic thinking in every project and stay updated on industry trends to plan effective campaigns. I'm excited to take on new challenges and use my skills to help your business grow.